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Since I was a child I have been in contact with fashion thanks to my grandmother, who has been a seamstress all her life. after high school of art I decided to enroll at the IED in Milan and I got my bachelor's degree as a fashion designer of shoes and accessories. I graduated in Milan in July 2017.

In 2018 Gaia Schenk won a fashion competition organized by the Swiss tourism office. This competition allowed Gaia to take her creations onto the catwalk at the Swiss embassy in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

Initially Gaia started making bags giving life to many handcrafted designs studied in detail. The material initially used was only genuine Italian leather.

The bags immediately created interest and Gaia decided to create the first collection of Made in Italy leather bags. The first collection produced in Italy was the model designed and already created by hand in the Schenk atelier in Ascona.

Pinatex present as an exhibitor at the première vision in Paris, exhibited a schenk bag handcrafted in switzerland.

Gaia has always been close to sustainability, after many collections of bags made of leather she has decided to make a change in her productions. Already during the bachelor's degree Gaia was interested in new materials and tried to discover the best news in the field of the textile revolution. As soon as it was possible, he began to create his bags using Pinatex, a revolutionary, sustainable, recycled and eco-friendly material.

The pinatex collection has allowed Gaia to understand that the best philosophy to adopt for the future is that of sustainability. Helping nature and the people who handcrafted clothing and accessories. So Gaia has decided to bring accessories and clothing to the schenk brand created in a country that is very close to her heart, India. Finding a small family business that creates clothes and one that creates accessories.

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